Lack of Progress

I don’t have anything super exciting to share at the moment. I’m currently working on a series of posts that break down web development concepts in a way that anyone can understand, but the first one isn’t ready yet. I’m planning on them being very thorough.

I just wanted to post so that people don’t think I’m abandoning this blog, since I’ve been pretty consistent so far and I plan on remaining that way. Of course, I also think that most of the people who ‘like’ my posts don’t actually read them because I don’t get a corresponding number of views. But just in case someone cares, I haven’t given up!

I have kind of neglected my studies these past few days. In some ways, I had an excuse. It was my birthday on Friday, and my husband bought me the Witcher III, and I played it for most of the day, with the justification that it was my birthday.

We went out on Saturday for lunch and then did a little window shopping, and when we got back I found it very hard to focus on the JavaScript calculator I was supposed to be making. It looks awesome – just like a calculator! But it doesn’t do any calculator-y things yet. And even though I don’t think of it as being particularly hard, I am finding it really hard to just do it.

I couldn’t focus much on Sunday either, and we went out for my birthday dinner so I wasn’t home in the evening – which is when I feel I get my best work done. Not that I’m complaining about going out. We went to a German restaurant and it was awesome.

What’s weird is I’ve found it pretty easy to write my stories. I posted the second chapter of my Baldur’s Gate fan fiction and I don’t see any problems continuing writing that in a reasonable time frame.

But JavaScript? Just. Can’t. Focus.

I’m thinking of just doing some Python instead. I think that, in the long run, that will probably be more beneficial. But even that isn’t something that really excites me right now. I feel I need some kind of amazing project to really push me to improve my skills, but I can’t think of what that project should be. I like games, so I think about making one, but then I worry that it would be too far removed from what I’d be doing at my potential job. I mean, surely it would have some benefit, right?

I guess I always just go back to my husband’s reaction when I told him about the Roguelike game I was starting. He seemed skeptical about its usefulness as a learning project. And I haven’t worked on it since because it makes me feel guilty, like I’m working on the wrong thing.

Oh well, I’ll at least try to get a few coding challenges done today. That’s better than nothing, right?