How Do So Many Incompetent People Get Developer Jobs?

Seriously. This is really just a whiny ‘life isn’t fair’ post rather than anything particularly useful, because I do not know the answer to this, though I wish I did.

I see people posting on Reddit saying, ‘hey, I just got my first developer job, how do I make a website without Bootstrap?’ Or ‘I just got a job making web apps, I need to learn JavaScript before I start in five days!’ I mean, I realize that some people are lucky enough to network and perhaps don’t even have to go through a proper interview. But surely that wasn’t the case for all of these people.

Additionally, I know some companies will accept someone who they know is light on knowledge, but they are prepared to teach them if they think they have the drive to learn.

These posts, however, are from people who got a developer job and literally just don’t know how to do the things they are supposed to do and now they’re freaking out on Reddit about it.

From from I’ve read, having some kind of technical element in an interview for any kind of developer position is normal – or are there really so many companies that don’t bother to make sure applicants have the skills they say they do? Surely none of these people could pass any kind of technical challenge.

And here I am, worried about the coding challenge that I know I have to take to apply for a job, despite knowing someone at the company. I’m worried that it will be something I have no idea how to do and that I’ll fail, but I know I’m more knowledgeable about Python than these people are about the things their new job requires. I’m also not stupid enough to lie about my skills and experience just to get a job, because I know it’s likely to catch up with me when I have to do something that I just cannot do within a reasonable time frame.

I’m pretty good at figuring things out when I get stuck. I have good Google skills and I genuinely like to learn. I feel like this is more important, for an entry-level position, than how good my coding skills are. Whatever I don’t know, I’ll learn, and if it’s something I’m doing every day then I’ll learn it fast.

There are also the developers who have been doing their jobs for years and still make stupid mistakes that I don’t think even I would make. I hear about these people from my husband who is an IT manager and has to deal with developers from time to time. He tells me about the stupid design choices they make in apps and websites and how he thinks some of them are idiots. To be fair, he is smarter than most people so I think he sees idiocy in places others may not.

That’s the other thing I worry about – I might get a job, and think I’m doing okay, and then turn out to be one of those people that annoys my husband so much. I don’t want that.

If I’m to become a developer I want to be a good developer. I know that being perfect would be a stretch, but I want to be as knowledgeable as possible so that I can avoid stupid mistakes.

I do often wonder if I’m cut out for this. But it’s all I really have, unless I can actually make money from my stories (if you’re interested, my other blog is for writing, though no stories are posted yet).

I do like making websites and programming, but it really does depend on what they’re about. I find it pretty boring working with algorithms and doing math type stuff. Data analysis can be interesting, sometimes, but I think it depends on what the data is. Games are my favorite, and I do enjoy making my blog website, though I’ve been neglecting it for the last few days.

Obviously, if I start working for a company I’ll have to do what they tell me to do. I do think I could handle that because I’d be getting paid for it and that is a pretty good reason to work on a project that I would not otherwise be interested in. I guess I’m just questioning my overall ability to succeed.

Well, now that that’s out of my system, perhaps I can go and be productive and work on some stupid JavaScript!